Client Need Solution
FLIG-Collaboration Portal Eight federal departments manage laboratories. They need to collect and share common data about these labs in order to better enable sharing of equipment and expertise and to potentially rationalize the services. Leverage the Ontario government's IO Customer Portal and GeoPortal tools and hosted environment, create a new module for the management of laboratory information, and create new reports to meet the needs of the Federal Laboratory Inventory Group. The solution is hosted here as the "FLIG Collaboration Portal"
PWGSC Ontario Region Engineering The engineering assets group manages critical federal structures. They need to manage the asset information, have easy access and reporting, and share data throughout the group. Create the PWGSC Engineering Assets Portal, hosted here, by leveraging the Ontario government's IO Customer Portal and the GeoPortal. It enables authorized users to post and access information through the mapping / GIS (GeoViewer), document management (DocumentViewer), and database query (DataViewer) tools.
PWGSC - Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) Collaboration Portal The Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) is a community-initiated environmental remediation project. Its goal is the cleanup and safe, long-term management of low-level radioactive waste in the Port Hope area and the Port Granby waste storage facilities.

The PHAI team needs a Collaboration Portal that lets key project stakeholders, including Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), and, project contractors to share and access relevant information about properties, files, historical reports, boreholes, and more.

The Collaboration Portal leverages the GeoPortal tools and security model / hosted architecture as part of custom business applications bulit to specifically support the information capture and management. These applications:
  • Let authorized users post and access project content.
  • Let AECL and PWGSC staff extract content and post into their respective corporate information management systems.
  • Provide secure content management.
  • Are web enabled and available 24/7.
  • Are hosted and provide access to the information without going through AECL or PWGSC firewalls.
  • Are easy to use with minimal training and support.
  • Are cost effective.
  • Integrate existing PHAI data.
  • Provide mapping/GIS, document management, and tabular data queries.

Canada GeoPortal is a service from the Ontario government's Infrastructure Ontario, and is based on the Ontario GeoPortal. It provides business integration and access services for over 14 corporate applications to about 2000 staff and management from virtually all ministries and agencies.

Universally, organizations NEED an easy, inexpensive way to manage / maintain / access their information and would benefit from using geography as well - since 90% of all data have a geographic component. Canada GeoPortal provides an enterprise GIS service with data, technologies, and hosting that almost any business unit or service can benefit from.

Canada GeoPortal is a service offered by Infrastructure Ontario and SKE Inc. GeoPortal Canada